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Digital Foundations

RONA Macklin

August 2020
RONA Macklin

Small Town, Big Traction

The Client

RONA Macklin serves a rural Saskatchewan town of 3000. Founded as an independent hardware store they hold the desire to serve their town and the surrounding areas with excellence. They quickly became a busy building material provider for contractors and builders from all over with their exceptional customer service, obsessive focus on carrying useful and relevant skus, and simply being accessible to their customers for questions and concerns.

The Challenge

Serving their town and surrounding communities with excellence was easy when they had limited competition. Like so many small businesses they found it a struggle to keep up with how quickly the digital landscape disrupted things. Opening up their community to competitors who could capture and hold their attention more effectively.

When we partnered with RONA Macklin 80% of their annual business came from commercial customers. We needed to make the remaining 20% more valuable or increase overall business so that retail was contributing to more gross sales.

In our assessment we quickly discovered that the problem wasn't ineffective digital assets - it was a complete lack thereof. They had a simple 1-page website and Facebook group. They were doing wonderfully with their Facebook group and seeing great results and driving sales but there was a much larger missed opportunity in social. We needed to establish them a solid digital foundation and start building their relevant audience.

The Solution

The first thing we tackled was their social presence. We immediately expanded their presence on Facebook to a company page and started a profile on Instagram while we took on the more involved project of creating an effective website.

The Final Result

The results were quick and substantial. After only a 6 month effort of a clear organic social campaign RONA Macklin saw an insane 165 INBOUND MESSAGES on their social profiles. In addition, their Facebook group has seen growth and added nearly 300 new members. The content they posted was getting 12-1500 impressions on EACH POST. That's a lot of new eyeballs.

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