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Branding & Identity

BMCO Branding & Identity

December 2019

Success: Where Preparation and Opportunity Meet

The Client

BMCO Inc is an old-school management and executive consulting firm based in Edmonton Alberta. They have a pedigreed background working with some of the most influential organizations in North America. Industry Agnostic, BMCO brings tried and true, time-tested principles and best practices to new life in struggling and distressed businesses of all sizes.

BMCO focuses their efforts on retail, brick and mortar clients through C-Suite services and advising and executive coaching.

The Challenge

With a vast working history spanning nearly 20 years and results that speak for themselves much of BMCO clients over the years have come from word of mouth and referrals. Because of this and the steady stream of work it was creating very little focus was put on their digital footprint and effective content strategy.

BMCO needed to put fresh life into their digital footprint and go back to basics by establishing a new foundation for their digital strategy.

A foundation that would allow them to distribute their content effectively turning their audience and sphere of influence into warm leads and more referrals.

From the first discovery call, it was obvious to our team that years of practice, experience, and broad expertise had prepared BMCO to capitalize on the digital shift in juggernaut fashion. Their list of high-profile clients and reputation created a natural framework for compelling social proof. The knowledge and experience of Travis, the founder, left no shortage of content inspiration.

It was time to work on the business not just in it.

BMCO's old homepage

The Solution: A New Foundation For Growth

Like everything that lasts, a good branding and identity strategy, is built on a strong foundation.

We started with the brand elements. The logo, brand colours, typography, and over-all feel. It's important to look at brand appropriately and accurately. Your brand is your "name," or reputation. It's the feeling people get when they think of you. We like to think of brand as conveying 3 primary things: 

  • Character - As a company and organization you have good character or bad, just like a person. Character is usually advised by your held values - both organizationally and personally.
  • Function - What function or role do you play? The more specific the better. Are you generally there for your customers and clients, the people around you? Or do you specialize in something specific? 
  • Experience - What experience can your customers, clients, and those around you expect to have with you? 

These 3 elements combine to inform your brand. Who you are should be baked into every aspect of your presence! From your website to your content to your social media presence and messaging. This is Brand Identity.

It was no small undertaking. We had to take nearly 20 years of experience and track record and revamp a known brand within a particular niche to create a digital foundation that will continue to work. One that is built to last.

The Final Result

The final result was a brand identity that oozes with boutique vibes while still communicating a luxury service with premium demand. We utilized BMCO's affinity for the ocean and the concept of a "duck dive," in surfing to inform a new logo that they are proud of.

The colour ways were informed by the same ocean theme. Drawing colour inspiration from beach vibes and aesthetic. We added in a bold, dark, elegant colour to round out BMCO's visual identity with strength.

BMCO Inc logo
Business Card Back
Business Card Front

A New Strong Homepage

The BMCO website is as simple, refined, and straight to the point as the founder. A simple but effective site. Working collaboratively, we created a solid foundation for the BMCO brand to grow online. Opening the door for opportunities previously being missed.

  • Dramatically increased ranking on Google.
  • Increased traffic exponentially. More than doubled BMCO's previous monthly site visits.
  • Imbedded clear CTA's
  • Instituted clear, concise, direct calls to action.
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