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What Is Social Media Used For?

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What Is Social Media Used For?

Social media has become so ingrained in our lives that many of us depend on it in our daily lives. We use it to answer questions, reach out for professional help, and meet new people. Whether you view it as a positive or negative depends on how you use it. Here are a few of the common reasons for using social media, the top apps to download, and how to use them for your business.


Top3 Reasons People Use Social Media

Social media has made life much easier and effortlessly keeps people in contact. News and current affairs from all over the world are just a few clicks away!

For teenagers, social media is how they spend their leisure time. They're connecting with new people, socializing with friends, and entertaining themselves with humorous content.

Social media is an excellent medium for advertising and promoting your brand or product. It allows people to discover new products to buy or help locate anyplace they want to visit.


Typesof Social Media Apps

Nearly every social media website will have its own app so users can stay updated while away from their computer. There are several types of social media apps and each has a unique purpose to meet the needs of its audience. Here are the seven top social media apps:

  1. Social networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  2. Review sites - Amazon, TripAdvisor, G2 Crowd, Capterra
  3. Picture sharing platforms - Instagram, Snapchat
  4. Video (Vlogging) - YouTube, TikTok
  5. Blogging - Medium, WordPress, Tumblr
  6. Q&A sites  - Quora, Reddit
  7. Economy-based networks – AirBnB, VRBO


WhatAre the Top 10 Social Media Apps?

Aside from the above categories of social media, there are the individual apps as well.TikTok is still on the rise and therefore grew in popularity throughout 2020.Due to the global pandemic, Zoom became a top social media app, not only for businesses to keep updated with employees, but also for individuals staying connected to friends and family. Here are a few other social media apps you’ve probably heard of.

  1. TikTok: you can create short 15-20 seconds video and share them with the world. 
  2. Zoom: a video conferencing app.
  3. WhatsApp: a worldwide mobile messaging app.
  4. Facebook: the most downloaded social media app to connect with friends.
  5. Instagram: a photo-based social media app 
  6. YouTube: a video hosting app.
  7. Twitter: you can “tweet” your thoughts and opinions in 240 characters or less.
  8. Snapchat: share pictures or short videos. You can try fun filters as well!
  9. LinkedIn: professional networking platform.
  10. Pinterest: aesthetic image-centric.


SocialMedia Marketing

Social media marketing refers to altering your content for each social media app to boost user engagement and shares. The secret lies in how you approach a particular social media platform and understanding why people are there in the first place. This way, you can provide relevant content to your audience and boost business. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you achieve your goals faster.


Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you don’t have a plan for your social media presence, you likely won’t see success.Decide everything from why, what, when, and where you post to the target audience.

On Facebook, try using Facebook ads or custom promoted posts. Hosting live videos or posting pre-recorded videos will create brand awareness and help people know you better. Contests with winning prizes and polls are also an effective tactic to increase traffic.

Instagram is another great way to grab your audience’s attention. Instagram’s key feature is quality, not quantity. Even smartphones can take excellent photos! Taking a good picture for social media is all about finding the right angle. Try using a bird’s eye view or a perfectly symmetrical picture that’s satisfying to look at.


UnderstandingSocial Media Marketing

This year we hope to see more advancements and experience new, fun, and unique social media apps. They can be leveraged to engage your target audience in relevant and authentic ways. If you’re not ready to take on the responsibility yourself, here are some options.

  1. Look at hiring an agency for social media marketing services. These companies can help develop your strategy, publish content for you, and engage with your audience on your behalf.
  2. Also take the time to research what an appropriate social media marketing salary would cost in your area. It might be worth it to have a dedicated specialist working full-time for you.

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