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What Is Digital Marketing Strategy?

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What Is Digital Marketing Strategy?


We usually hear successful  entrepreneurs and businesses referring to a strong digital marketing strategy as their key to growth and success.

But what is digital marketing?

Simply put, it's using various online channels like social media, search engines, email, and many other portals through which communication and interaction with your customers is more accessible and real.

What are some examples of digital marketing?

Digital marketing examples may include-

1.    Search EngineOptimization (SEO): SEO is absolutely a pillar of a strong digital marketing strategy. It is one of the most effective and reliable ways to attract an audience and increase traffic. Its crucial function is to bring your.       website or content to the top search engine results. People tend to focus more on the first few results that pop up whenever they search for something; effectively executing good SEO will exponentially increase traffic to your site.

2.   Content Marketing: Distributing high-value, timely, and relevant information to your audience is another incredible digital marketing example with lasting effects. Regularly writing blogs, articles, infographics, e-books, and.       general information related to your brand and services is a great way to educate people and pique their interest in buying your products.

3.   SocialMedia Marketing: In today's world, I’m sure we all agree that this strategy is an ideal way to approach the current generation. Almost everyone uses social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.       Millions of people regularly visit these apps to either entertain themselves, create content, or look for opportunities.

4.   PaidAdds or Pay per Click (PPC): Every time someone visits your website through an ad, your publisher gets paid, that's why it's called Pay per click. However, linking ads to your website or social media handles is a great way to.       increase traffic and sales. This tactic can include sponsored messages or notifications from LinkedIn or paid ads on Facebook or Instagram. Aside from the search engines, literally every social media platform will let you purchase.       ads.

Digital Strategy Framework

What’s the best approach to deal with digital marketing? Start by jotting down the basics; making a digital strategy framework.Things like who your ideal customer is, the problem they’re facing, and how your product or service solves their problem.

A digital strategy helps you create an executable plan of action that will make it possible to achieve your business goals. The more organized and thoroughly researched you are, the easier it is for you to see results.

Digital marketing campaign examples

A successful digital strategy example lies in a successful digital marketing campaign! Besides having high-quality blogs, social media posts, and services, you have to level up your campaign game! Here are some of the best examples of digital marketing campaigns from 2019

1.    Zappos

A leading online shoe brand, Zappos, is setting the bars high! The truth behind their extraordinary digital marketing campaign shows in their quality of work and products. The critical factor that keeps people coming back to purchase from them is their marketing strategy as a whole. Their efforts aim to serve their customers and give them what they need and want instead of being another brand that limits people’s choices.

2.    Mint

Mint has taken a unique yet highly relatable approach on their content with fascinating blogs and How-To topics. Their content is attention-grabbing, making it an effective element of their digital marketing strategy. With digital marketing campaigns, a well-organized digital strategy framework, and an excellent digital marketing team, they have managed to outshine the sea of competitors and stay top-of-mind in a saturated marketplace.

What is digital strategy consulting?

Many companies extend their services to help startups, businesses, and brands understand how they can tell their story at its best, positioning their products and services to appeal to their audience. These services may include a proper digital strategy outline, a paid or free digital marketing plan template, or even a digital marketing strategy framework pdf online!

Full disclosure, we are one of those companies. We roll up our sleeves, come alongside our clients, and become a part of their team!

Digital Marketing Mix

The digital marketing mix generally follows the same guidelines as any marketing mix, only with a digital touch.

·      Marketing mix elements may refer to implementation price, place, product, and promotion according to digital marketing context.

·      Businesses that follow a specific set of planned marketing tools to receive the target audience's desired feedback are good marketing mix examples.


Digital Marketing strategy template

You can either get free digital marketing strategy templates online or make your own! The template follows a pattern and sequence of logical marketing strategies that most businesses can apply to get immediate results. However, it is smart to invest a little and get your own customized digital marketing strategy template made from a professional company. They will analyze every aspect, either good or bad, of your brand, your services, your products, etc., and create a practical template to fit your brand vision perfectly.

You can even upload it somewhere online for others or let them visit your website and inspire by it

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