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What Are The Best Digital Marketing Strategies?

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What Are The Best Digital Marketing Strategies?

To see success as a business owner, you need a strong digital marketing strategy framework. A solid foundation for your marketing strategy is essential so that your business stands the test of time. Creating an effective digital marketing strategy framework helps guide you so you can reach success.


What is a digital marketing framework?

A digital marketing strategy framework identifies the parts of your audience and business that are not likely to change much over time. By having this foundation in place, you can create an effective, yet flexible, strategy. Start with these two steps.

Build Buyer Personas

Learn everything you can about your customers. You’ll want to know their priorities ,interests, goals, age, location, and income data to build a highly effective marketing strategy. Put a poll on Facebook and let your audience tell you who they are.

CreateS.M.A.R.T Goals

Use specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals. For example, if you intend to increase sales by 20% in quarter three, you need to determine how many more leads are needed to see success.


What are the digital marketing trends in 2021?

Connecting with your audience is never trendy, it’s necessary. However, the ways in which you connect can be considered trends. Developing a hashtag campaign and getting users to engage with it is one way to build authenticity and capture the attention of your target buyer.

There are other trends that end up becoming solid marketing advice. For example, video marketing was once a hot trend when Periscope and Facebook Live took off. Since then, YouTube has surpassed Google as the most popular search engine. Testimonials, instructional videos, and behind the scenes looks are some videos that can increase sales by more than 85%.

With the rise of voice assistants, optimizing your website to answer these spoken queries is the next trend-that’s-not-a-trend. From Siri to Amazon Echo, voice SEO increases online visibility, earning the featured snippet or position zero for your website.


What are the most effective digital marketing strategies?

An effective digital marketing strategy enables you to see a quick return on investment(ROI). Here are the most effective online marketing strategies to consider.

SearchEngine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website means adding keywords your users are searching for into your content. For example, if you are an architect, your ranking can increase if you use SEO keywords like ‘architectural designs’ and ‘architects’.Considering that 80% of consumers research online, it’s essential to have an effective digital marketing strategy for SEO.


Writing content provides your target audience with valuable information they need to make a purchase decision. Expand your reach, increase brand awareness, and create a long-lasting relationship with your customers.


For fastROI, use PPC to bid on keywords. When a user searches the keyword, your ad is displayed. If they click on it, you are charged a small fee. It’s important that they arrive at a well-executed landing page, see the information that was displayed in the ad, and find a call to action to make the price worth it.

SocialMedia Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some popular platforms to build a relationship with your audience. It’s a good idea to develop a digital marketing strategy template to ensure your posts are relevant and appropriate for your audience.


What is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy?

The most cost-effective digital marketing strategy offers the most value at the lowest price point, also known as ROI. To achieve a high ROI, you need to understand how to switch on your consumers' emotions, be culturally aware, consider partnerships with influencers, and focus on action-oriented results and experiences.

All effective online marketing strategies start by setting a realistic budget. Plan your strategy for website optimization, PPC advertising, publishing content, and engaging with social media. A digital marketing strategy template can help you make the most of these platforms. If you need help getting started, please get in touch with us!

Hiring digital marketing professionals such as social media specialists, content strategists, SEO experts, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers ,videographers, and photographers to ensure all your assets are highly effective can work, but might not lead to fast enough ROI. However, when you choose to work with a digital marketing agency, you'll get access to an entire team of specialists for a more affordable price.

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